Trainer difficulty & ERG-mode


Where can I find the trainer difficulty & ERG-mode options?

Did they remove them? I can’t find them anymore (it’s been a while since I’ve been on Zwift due to work abroad).


Hm seems I just had to connect the trainer… Found both options now…

These are the only two options that I did not ‘check’ before doing my FTP test.

I’m using the Tacx Bushido Smart trainer with trainer difficulty at 50% & ERG-mode off.
What would be the optimal? Does it even matter? What are the pro’s & cons in your opinion?


ERG mode is only used when you’re doing a workout. I’m running my new Cycleops Hammer trainer at 50% difficulty. I did try 100% but found it was harder than riding up the same gradient outside. I think this setting is a personal thing and likely trainer dependent. Theoretically 100% should match outside but it didn’t for me and I’ve seen others say it doesn’t match as well. 100% is hopeless for racing by the way.