Trainer Calibration

Not sure…this may have already been brought up but I see an opportunity to incorporate a Calibration Mode for Zwift. Very similar to what PerfPro uses while in a workout After about 5-10 minutes the program pauses allowing you to calibrate.

In my opinion this is must have for Zwift. Proper calibration of most smart trainers requires 10-15 minutes warm up time. So right now you have to stop riding after 15 minutes, unpair your trainer from zwift, run mobile/tablet app, pair it with trainer (which is not very smooth), calibrate, unpair, pair it with Zwift, and just then come back and ride. And this, lets be honest, sucks. Of course you may ignore your trainer calibration but then your power numbers might be way off.

This really is quite a big and un-necessary issue with an otherwise excellent product.

In-App calibration is faulty…I would stick to using the wahoo app on your phone to calibrate

I agree that being able to do a calibration during a training after the 10min warm up would be a real plus. Today you have to do a 10 min free ride to warm up, do your spin down calibration, start your training and do another 10min of warm up (I’m already all warmed up by that time;-)