Add spindown to beginning of a ride / workout

(James Blagden) #1

Would it be possible to add a spindown to the beginning of a workout / ride so I wouldn’t have to do one, get off my bike and then select a ride or a workout. If there was an option to do this by default it would ensure my Kicker snap was alway calibrated and less fiddling around. 

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi James,

There’s a spin-down calibration during the pairing screen (depending on your trainer), so it’s basically there when you would be getting on the bike and pairing all of our devices. Then you can just go straight into a workout or a ride and be nicely calibrated :slight_smile:

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Here is a screenshot for reference: 

Currently this works for ANT+ FE-C trainers from Wahoo and CycleOps. Bluetooth is only Wahoo but coming soon for CycleOps trainers.

(Fabio Mussi [BDC]) #4

Hi Eric, i can’t understand this. If i do a calibration with elite mye-training app for my elite direto trainer do i need to do another calibration in zwift?

(... ThrownClear) #5

Eric - aren’t you supposed to warm up the trainer/wheel for ten minutes or so before doing a calibration? I too wish there were an option to do a quick calibration mid workout-warmup.


What I do, say prior to ftp testing. Is just after 10 min’ish warm up is pause the workout on ZML app. Then open menu-pair-calibrate power source on my PC/mac. Then I go back to Watopia with my avatar. Hit resume on the ZML app.

Then I second guess myself after the ftp test wishing I went harder haha.

(... ThrownClear) #7

Evan - I’ve thought of doing that, but I haven’t tried it for the (admittedly absurd) reason that I’m worried the pause will cost me a star on the warmup.

(Jane Walker) #8

If I do the calibration after a ten minute warmup in a workout, can I return to the work out  at the point I left off rather than returning to the beginning of the work out and having to do the ten minute warm up again?

(Gerrie Delport) #9

You can always just skip the warm up when you come back. 

(Jane Walker) #10

wondering how to make the workout skip the first ten minutes when I come back

(Gerrie Delport) #11

If you use the Zwift mobile link (ZML) app, now called Zwift Companion you can swipe the work out. Old app had a button to skip. On Pc press the up button and you will get a menu at the bottom