Is there no way to calibrate the computrainer? It would be nice to be able to pause for a few seconds to re-enter calibration mode. Or are we just expected to do a full warmup separately, calibrate, then launch Zwift? I did a first ride today expecting to be able to calibrate, but since I couldn’t, I noticed it was really off between what the computrainer (and Zwift, getting data from and controlling the CT) said, and what my Garmin/PowerTap was reading.

I’ve been calibrating before I enter Zwift.

I have a Kickr and would love a calibration option also. Currently I need to calibrate with my ipad and then launch zwift.



Actually I think that calibration is more or less a must have. Even though it seems to me that calibrating the Kickr every time results in more or less the same result, so there’s not really a big difference - but anyway it’s important.

But … for example in PerfPro calibration takes about a minute and that seems a reasonable time for that. So let’s say you’ve been riding about 10 minutes before you start calibrating - this would throw you out of your group, race or whatever. So I think we’d need an idea of how to overcome that. On the one hand you don’t want to lose contact to the group, on the other hand if this is already a timed segment and the rider is kept within the group he’s gonna get a big advantage as there’s a minute of rest.

Maybe the solution could be to keep the rider in the segment, but mark the segment as invalid. If the rider can choose on his own when to calibrate this could be a way to keep everybody happy.

A Kickr calibration option would definitely be nice. Wahoo claims that Kickrs only need to be calibrated every week or two, so I don’t think it needs to be disruptive to a group ride … it can be suggested before joining a course.

I just do a 10-minute warmup and then roll-down calibration for my Computrainer right before I use Zwift. Obviously integrated calibration would be great, though.