Recalibrate Computrainer in-game

I’d like an option in the pause screen to allow recalibration of my Computrainer. At present I have 3 options: do a warmup prior to riding Zwift, ride my warmup in Zwift then end the ride recalibrate and start a new ride, or a really awkward workaround involving unplugging things. 

None of these options are ideal bc sometimes I want to go for a distance achievement, and the first 2 options require that I ride over the distance to accomplish it. It also requires managing 2 files into Training Peaks, WKO and to my coach, plus I have to take time to log back in to Zwift and resize my screen again. The 3rd option makes me nervous with all the fiddling, and causes a real break in the workout after the warmup. 

I’d like to stop pedaling, have the pause screen pop up, and see a button that says recalibrate that I could hit, recalibrate, then resume the same ride and have one file at the end. Thanks!


You have my vote for this one. There are a zillion CompuTrainer (CT) riders. Why hasn’t this feature been added yet. It seems like a simple task for a programmer. Zwift knows you are on CT. There should be some way for Zwift to have a code that keeps Zwift ‘connected’ to a phantom CT while a rider takes 30 seconds to calibrate. Actual calibration probably takes 10 seconds. Instead we have to end Zwift, calibrate, log in, reconnect CT, etc. and a 10 second task turns into a 2 to 3 minutes exercise in patience.

It has been almost a year. I’d really like to see this implemented. It’s a basic need, it will encourage people to recalibrate more frequently, which improves accuracy, and it’s just darn annoying to have to deal with. At present I’m using the “yank the USB midride, plug it back in, re-pair” method, and I do it several times within the first 30’ of my ride, to ensure it has equalized.

It’s especially annoying during workout mode, as it causes one to “fail” the warmup.