In ride Smart Trainer calibration

Unless I’m missing it there appears to be no way to In Ride calibrate… TrainerRoad allows this, so it’s possible.  Can this be added instead of having to stop, unpair, spin down, re-pair? 

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Just go into the pause screen, click on the “Pairing” screen icon, and then click the wrench icon underneath your smart trainer; you’ll get the spindown test come up. I usually do this on a downhill (Surrey Hills is a great course for this because you hit the Box Hill descent about 15min in, which is perfect for warming up the trainer). 

I did that yesterday morning on a ride. Unless I am somehow misunderstanding your request.

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I know it’s possible to calibrate… I’m saying, I’d like to be able to calibrate from the app or controller.  For instance, on the CompuTrainer – F3 allows a spin down at any time.  On TrainerRoad I can do that… with Zwift I have to get off the bike, go to my laptop and go through the procedure you described.  

How about an automatic, or prompted, calibration after 10 minutes of riding for those trainers that require calibration.