Trail Run

So I saw it mentioned elsewhere, with a question by someone else on another topic, about a Trail Run. There is quite a nice, albeit short, Trail Run on Watopia, it is on the “Quatch Quest” map. To get to it you spawn at point 9 on the Watopia map, then run about 500 metres to where the road branches off on the left (I went the wrong way so that is a guess), then run about 2.4 klms to where the bike path branches off on the right. The bike/running trail is about 3klms in length, but has some great scenery and is a bit of fun if you are sick of running on the normal paths :smiley:

Muir and the Mountain gets you there too. The mountain bikes zipping around made me nervous and there were a lot of rocks I ran through, but its an interesting experience.


Made you nervous?

I kept ducking and flinching. I’m using swift on appletv and a 70in screen. Plus the bikes aren’t like on the road. The riders can steer them on the trail so they zig and zag a lot.

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I only saw one other person on the course so wasn’t too bad. There are some fair inclines/declines though! I usually try to set the treadmill to the matching percentage to make things more realistic, but 20% was out of my treadmills range :joy: