Track bike adapters for smart trainers

Do you have a track bike that you’d like to use on a wheel-off smart trainer? It’s possible with adapters that convert the trainer from road bike dimensions to the narrower dimensions of a track racing bike.

A New Zealand company called Velobike manufactures track racing gear and accessories. Their line of trainer adapters retrofits Wahoo, Tacx, Elite, LeMond, and Revbox trainers.

There’s a universal adapter that widens 120 mm track dropouts to fit on a 130 mm trainer. You have to add a few chain links to make that work so it may not be as quick and easy as some of their trainer-specific adapters.

That said - I have not personally used any of their adapters, so can’t say one way or the other how well they work. If you have firsthand experience - please share.

Now we just need all the trainer manufacturers to introduce virtual shifting. Then we can all go single speed on the trainer. :sunglasses:

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This post seems a little ‘out of the blue’. A subtle hint that a Zwift velodrome is coming? :thinking:


Odd post indeed, but great to see small kiwi companies get a bit of plug by the big boys. These guys also do a single-speed adapter for trainers too which seems to get raised and recommended in these forums every now and then too.

Very odd! Plenty of good questions on this forum with no answers, and then an answer to a question no-one asked. Interesting.


Asked and answered. Fixed wheel bikes

Good to see that Velobike are still in business and the range has expanded quite a bit.