Zwift one hub and a single speed bike

Has anyone tried using a single speed bike with a Zwift one hub. I have a fixie I commute on over winter and thought I might try attaching it to my zwift one hub. If it works it would turn a single speed into a 24 gear bike and allow me to use the bike that’s current set up indoors, out on the roads. Any tips anyone?

Disclaimer…I’ve not tried a hub one but I’ve spent a bit of time on fixed.

Can’t see why that wouldn’t work, main issue would be getting the chain length correct, or at least not too tight. If you are running a track chain, would that be too wide for the hub spacers…? If so the answer could be to replace the chain with a cheap Road one.

Assuming the fixie has track style dropouts it should work with the Cog if you put a narrow chain on it (assuming your front chainring can handle a narrow chain). Chain length may end up being different if the Cog size (14t) differs from what you have on the wheel. You could also remove the plastic bits from the Cog and replace them with cassette spacers to avoid any issue with chain rub. That should also let you adjust the chain line if needed.

(I also have not tested this setup.)

I forgot one other point: the minimum axle width for the trainer is 130mm. Most proper track bikes are designed for 120mm spacing. There is this thing:

Currently sold out but doesn’t look that hard to fabricate if necessary. Naturally the chain length will have to change significantly.

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I also forgot about the 120 axle length, fairly important that…!

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