Tour of Watopia Three Little Sisters Strava Segment

Have completed the Tour of Watopia Stage 1 longer ride and getting the Rebel Route - Three Little Sisters Route complete badge, it was disappointing to see I didn’t get the Strava segment. Checked others who rode with me and it seems no one did. Does this mean the Strava segment is wrong?

Good spot. Apparently there was some sort of different route right at the start:

@Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn can you help us out here? If there’s anything you need from me, let me know.

The left hand finish marker on my image is both the Start and Finish of the Strava segment. The green dot and grey line is my start out of the pens, joining the segment some metres down the road.

This segment exists also, strava/segments/31205450 “From Start Pen” which seems to match the route, but I don’t have that on my Strava either.

No problems here. I did Three Little Sisters stage at 11am, about 9hrs ago. I received the route badge and the Strava segment :man_shrugging:t2:

I didnt get the segment, what makes you so special? :rofl:

Maybe Eric changed the start point already? I rode stage 1 about 16 hours ago.

I did Stage one this morning and it look like the Strava segment is fixed.


Doesn’t look like it in Strava for me. Start point is at same as indicated in picture above. Anyone showing anything different? For those that got it, does the start of the route look like mine?

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did you late join?

This is how my Strava look:

Didn’t get it either, Refresh activity achievements didn’t help either. My starting point (position ~600) is ever so slightly closer to the main road, maybe the segment starts way way way back (position 2000 or whatever) in the start pen or something?

I created a new segment yesterday around noon PST which matches event activities.

Old segment started and finished from the downtown lap banner.

See the old and new segment links here: “Three Little Sisters” Route Details (Watopia) | Zwift Insider


No, super early and first event, probably before Eric made the new segment. Can’t get my strava activity to pick it up via the ‘refresh activity achievements’ link. Ach well.

Didn’t start late as suggested above. Ride was at 17:00 GMT yesterday. Have refreshed activities but still no joy.

Thank you!

Gary, it sounds like Eric made the segment about an hour after your ride. Sorry it didn’t appear for you.

Curse of going first. :slight_smile: It’s fine, my effort kinda sucked anyway so I’ll be back to try to get the sub hour in catch up week probably. Was still worth it going first for the 3000+ peloton, and seeing how the bike handled on the grass in the first hairpin!

Good luck :slight_smile:

You can get Strava to recalculate the segments, but you need to “Crop” your ride in order to do so.

I’d suggest cropping the end of your ride rather than the start, and you only need to do it by one pixel - e.g. hit the “Move End Point Back” button just the once, then hit Save. Once the crop is complete, refresh the activity and any new segments will appear.


this worked! :ride_on:

Worked for me too. Thanks Steven. I would have thought that recalculating segments would have done this but apparently not.