Tour of Watopia Stage 4 - mismatching data

Mismatching data displaying.

They’re both right or both wrong, depending on how you look at it. That said, it should probably be the same values in both places.

19.2km (11.9mi) is the actual Serpentine 8 route distance.
26.7km is the Serpentine 8 + lead-in from the pens (~7.5km)

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*Scratches head in confusion

So the actual course route is, but the race starts 7.5km before the course … Is that right?

Correct, as with any ride, there’s a lead-in. Even if you free-ride, you do not start at the start banner.

In this instance, from the start pens, which is at the top of the entrance near the windmill, IIRC. From there you head down to the lap start at the banner.

BTW, one of the worst must be at Innsbruck, where you have to ride to the top of the hill to start the one of the routes (reverse?) only at the KOM banner.

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Thanks for the explanation, appreciate it!

Given the race total includes the lead-in, i’d be inclined to only display the full distance rather than the course distance. Whatever the case, glad to finally understand it!!!

Thanks both for the education!!


Given that no one addressed the ELEVATION aspects of your question, and that the differences are substantial, you should note, too that the “highest” elevation of the Serpentine 8 route proper is indeed 65m as mentioned (at the left side of your image). However, when the entire ride is evaluated for elevation changes (including the lead-in), total elevation becomes 239m (right side of your image) – only a 368% differential! Good catch. LOL. Don’t forget to choose a gravel bike…

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Does it pay to change bike when doing an event?

If you do Serpentine 8 - no. Just start with an MTB. The only tar is a small portion of the lead-in.


On whichever Innsbruck route that is, IIRC you can avoid the lead-in by doing a Meetup which will start you up on the mtn. FYI…This is special to this route. I don’t remember any other routes where this is useful.

Meetups are also great for knocking out routes if the necessary world isn’t a currently available one.