Tour de Zwift Stats

In the Companion App you get a cool stats feature for the stages completed. Does that stat for output only include your first attempt at a stage or if you try multiple stages it takes an average? Only the best? Obviously always want to give it your best, but would be nice to know.

Hi Chris, do you mean the stats available under your “activities” in Companion? If that’s what you mean then every activity you do on Zwift is listed separately.

I cycled all of the stage 1 routes (A, B and C) and also completed a running route, and every one appears separately. If you wanted to do the same route twice on any stage, you’d see both rides as separate activities.

I’m not aware of anything that “takes an average” of your TdZ performance.

That’s great news! Will look forward to new stats when I do stage 2. I wasn’t sure if they were averages or how it would look. Thanks for the insight.

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