Tour de Zwift stage five won't save

I tried Tour de Zwift stage five, it shows up in my recent activities but states that I am still zwifting, it did not sync/upload to Strava, and you cannot open the activity itself within the Zwift app or in a browser (but I can rename or delete it within the app).

The next morning I did a short ride (not a stage ride) and it uploaded right away with no problem. Later that evening I attempted the stage five ride again. The second stage five ride did not upload either and the exact same as the first attempt. Won’t upload/save, says I’m still zwifting.

I also can’t access the ride to download it to format it into a “fit file” to upload it to Strava manually.

The fit file is on your device using for Zwift.
But no chance if you use Apple TV…

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For all the searching I did there was no suggestion of this. It worked!!! Thank you so much!

Hey Nichole - I’m having the same issues with Stage 6! Did this fix show your stage 5 as completed afterwards?