Tour de Zwift [2023]

Quick Question: In order to get credit for a stage, do you only need to complete 1 route from the stage or all 3? Also, can you mix and match? For example if you 2 rides, say category A & B on a given stage, and then only do 1 ride on the next stage (say category C), would you get credit for both stages?

Hi @Joel_Freedman, welcome to the forums!

Yes you only need to do one ride from each stage, not all 3. Note that the different categories (A, B, C, ect.) for these large tours coincide with distance/effort, not normal race/pace categories.

You can mix and match all you want. Do the short ride for stage one, and the longer ride for stage 2 etc… If you want a real challenge, try completing all the distances for each stage of the tour (you don’t get anything special, just a personal goal to complete).

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First event gets under way in ~41mins.

Just seen late join isn’t an option, there goes my plan of action, hoping to do the latter part of the short route with lots of riders while under the influence of flu. :cry:

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Hope you get better soon.

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ZwifterBikes reckons the Tron will take ~27min8secs for someone 75Kg putting out a static 300W without drafting, even the Evo with 808 wheels is only ~6.3 secs slower.

We are aware of an issue with members not getting credit for rides during the first hour of Tour De Zwift. We are currently working on a fix and will be crediting all members who rode during that window (8 am - 9 am PT) within 2 business days. Once the credit has been applied, you will see it registered on the web tracker and in-game.


I have just completed stage1-short, but Zwift says 0% complete :disappointed_relieved: Is that a common error,
or just me having a bad day😁

Will those who rode “Harrogate Circuit Reverse” (i.e., “the short ride”) also be credited with the new route badge and associated XP?


not sure that one has a route badge? Zwiftinsider article didn’t mention that it did.

I know for a fact it did before, which is why I rode that particular route … but now it seems like they have removed that from the promo page. Nice.

I rode from 5pm/1700 this afternoon and i still have not got the credit. I reckon it is back on the horse then​:crazy_face::man_dancing:

Give them some time on this. Yes; it’s unfortunate that this happened (and seems to happen with every big event like this), but they usually make it right in the end. I’ve seen this take anywhere from several hours to a few days, but the fact they’ve acknowledged it is a good sign that it WILL be resolved.


For some reason I thought we we’re getting nice yellow, smiley face ride-ons but watching some early streams it looks like we still have the plain old blue ones.

this never gets old, does it :laughing:

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Hey Folks. I finished the first stage but it stays at 0% in the main menu. Do i need to redrive the first stage? Sorry but english ist not my mother language.

Wouldn’t be a Zwift event series without failed credit and stuff not working properly.

Remember when they said these take months to organise?


6 months to organize and zero minutes to test :man_facepalming:

Let this be another lesson to all users, never participate in the first day of events for these large tours/events. The first day is always fraught with issues.


Thanks everyone for flagging this up!

We have just credited Stage 1 of TdZ for everyone who road during the 8 am - 9 am PT/ 16:00 - 17:00 UTC events.


Curious if anyone has thoughts about the presence of the robo pacers lining up at the start? Did you attempt to ride with one and if so was it hard to find? How long did it take before the different pace bots sorted themselves out? Did people start slower knowing that the bots would probably catch them later anyway?

Looking forward to trying stage one tomorrow…

Thx Mike!