Tour de Zwift 2020 Cycling FAQ

No Tron bike at all for TdZ 2020?

Only for the Races.
For the group rides you can use the Tron. Or the Buffalo Bike :wink:

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Does anyone have any information regarding how the running version of this TdZ will work? Specifically, I’m wondering about the routes and distances for each stage. For example, it looks like the short route for stage 1 is 19 miles (31km). That’s a bit far for a run.



@Joe_Pautler see here:

Says stage 1 is 16km


There’s a Running specific FAQ thread here, too:

Thanks @Daren! That’s exactly what I was looking for.


Zwift needs to up their game here, possibly with a live q and a. The B race was suppose to be shorter than the A race. Nobody seems to know anything for a certainty. I thought the A race would be at least several laps more than the B? Does your w/kg matter in a race under 20 minutes? and I thought tron bikes and disc wheels rule only applied to the pro/am race, that first event held live today by invitation only?

Was it? I think they’re just supposed to be different power bands.

Any reason there isn’t a single link to this event on any Zwift website? I find it crazy the only way to get to the event page is google it.


On the companion app it says 3.5 miles for stage 1group run (though it also says 3.7 miles in the description, so not sure which is right).

Click any of these Rob and then click the button and that will give you what you want.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. Official site. Surely there should be a link in the events page.

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Guys i just raced C grade Tour De Zwift with a placing of 2nd, but i think my results need to be negged as looking over the numbers im’ fairly sure my power meter was glitching (bluetooth connection issues? who knows) but i can assure you i cannot hold a 4.0wkg for 22 mins (i have an ftp of 275 and weigh 100kg) and i sure as ■■■■ can’t hit 1800 watt spring (1200 yes, but 1800 is a bit much).

Who do i contact about nullifying my results in this race?

Kind Regards,

Chris McAlpine

@shooj there seems to be an error for the events in Stage 2!
On the official Zwift page, for the group rides, the B cat shows the race distance, rather than the ride distance.

Contact Sticky on the ZP Forum here. He’ll sort it for you. ZP would DQ you from a C race with those stats anyway I would have thought!

This might be a stupid ? but how does one start the stages in Tour de Zwift ?

I have joined the tour but and was ready today at 13:00. The PC app and Companion showed that i was joined but nothing happended on the PC App or Companion (Android).
So my ? is how does one start the stages on the tour ?

Hi Jan, you have to start a custom ride and in this ride you will be ask to join the booked event (it means changing to the event location etc). It’s not really easy to understand how to join in correct way to an event and I needed also more than one try to understand it.


My country is set to the US and yet the distances on the sign-up screen are in metric.

Hi, is it still possible to register for tour de zwift? This link does not seem to work.
Thanks Merijn

That is an option in your Zwift profile. You can choose either metric or imperial measurements no matter what country you live in.