Top left corner stats - please add W/KG

Would be nice to put the W/KG reading in the top left corner with all the other stats-- HR, Power and Cadence… its hard to keep switching the eyes and head between top left and bottom right corner when watching a 55 inch screen just to see the W/KG… Thanks

Customizable HUD, please do a search and vote that request up.

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Get a smaller screen :wink:

Thanks Paul… Yeh that makes sense a customizable HUD. No different than the MAP in the top right corner. I would think easily they could make i.e. 5 different versions of the top left corner… Each click in the corner you would just select one of the five setting views you would like-- again i.e. That seems easy enough… (Just like my corvettes HUD… already formatted but I get to chose which format / view i want.

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