Relocate your w/kg metric in the top-left console

[WHY WAS THIS TOPIC CLOSED? It’s not the same thing as the HUD customisation, which is a much bigger feature]

When I’m riding, my cadence and power is in the top-left blue box, but I have to look to the bottom right at the ‘nearby riders’ panel to see my w/kg.

Is there no way that a user’s w/kg could be included in that top-left panel? That’s where it makes the most sense, as it’s a live performance metric in the same way that cadence and power is.

To respond on the point about the HUD feature:

The danger though is that a really simple feature request that shows one bit of data then gets overlooked because the HUD Customisation is a much more complex request involving lots of bits of data.

I don’t really want the ability to customise my display (but happy to upvote your feature request) - I just want w/kg in the top-left and would rather that gets delivered if it takes a day of software development, rather than it doesn’t because it gets bundled into a feature that takes 30 days…

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