Too dumb to use the website?

I don’t seem to be able to find event sites like these…

…when i’m logged on to :man_shrugging:

There are topics like Get Started, Training, Run, Off-Road and Events. Clicking on Events for example shows me the current schedules and events, but i still can’t find general event board for a specific event.

All i can do is lookup the exact name on Google or any other search engine and then access it.
What am i missing? There’s not even a proper search function or some kind of lookup panel.

Why do i need this? It gives me a nice overview of the entire tour, so i can plan ahead >>

Yeah, it’s not you, it’s the website.


No not very intuitive at all. If you take the steps you have listed above and say choose Events. The events page no use to you but go to the very bottom of the page and you now have more options. Choose the ‘Press’ option (not something you would obviously normally choose) and you will find all the information you need.

Why all of this is under Press and not Events I don’t know.

Hope this helps

@Oliver_SPEED_HOUND posted this yesterday. The advantage over will be that he’ll also capture a range of events that Zwift doesn’t focus on, so may be of use to you.

It’s a great initiative specially for folks that dont use other social media where a lot of the bigger events/series are “advertised”.

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So this is the actual PRESS link that display current events and latest news
Zwift Newsroom

That’s where i found the Tour of Watopia news site.
Oh boy, i really can’t understand the design decisions on this page :roll_eyes: