Time it takes to load Zwift

Windows 10 64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M

Are you using a SSD or mechanical drive?

For Win10 it is recommended that you use an SSD.

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Friends have similar issues with the loading time

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How long is it take to load Zwift?

What other programs do you have running when you open Zwift?

Zwift should load in less time than it takes to put on your shoes. As Paul said check what other programs is running, these can cause delays in your startup.

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“Zwift should load” hence the complaints :slight_smile:
When I start Zwift I start it from a cold boot - there are NO other application running. I only start other apps such as video or audio streaming once I in Zwift and this does not degrade the performance of Zwift. Even waiting ~5 minutes after machine boot does nothing to improve the issue. The issue is with starting up. On the same machine I can play online and single player games at ultra settings, no problem. Starting Zwift? Umh anything between 2-3 minutes easy. Zwift support went silent after I provided my full machine spec and log files more than a year ago so I have learned to live with it. I start the process 15-30 minutes before I need to ride to cater for the possibility that I make a selection mistake and need to exit and start over again.

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As with some users above, my Zwift can take ages to load.
The PC I am using hadn’t been used since I was previously on Zwift in December 2018. Obviously when I turned PC on it needed a pile of updates, as did Zwift, but after two weeks of riding now it’s still slow to load.

As far as I know my specs are:

  • Intel Quad Core 2.83 GHz 12 MB Cache
  • 4GB RAM DDR3
  • 320GB Hard Drive
  • Vapor-X HD 6770 1GB GDDR5
  • Windows 7 Pro

I just changed pc to SSD and it’s definitely faster. It can still take over a minute on initial start up, but that’s perfectly ok. It used to vary up to seven minutes before!

Whats SSD?

I followed the advice of previous posts. Turned the PC on and left it for like 10 minutes.

When I opened Zwift it took just under a minute to the pair screen, and the world loaded pretty much instantly when I selected my course. So looks like this could be a solution!

SSD: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid-state_drive


I’m impressed zwift even runs on this ancient machine

I only bought it for Zwift. Apparently met the minimum specifications so thankfully it works!

hope you didn’t spent too much.

I experienced the same thing. Fairly decent laptop and high speed broadband.

After getting sick of just waiting, I entered “my . zwift . com” into the same browser that was trying to load, and low and behold, it logged in. Almost like enteting the URL, forced it to wake up and log in?

i thin you have the only real response to the issue. you obviously know what you are saying.

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What amazed me is that most seem to think it is ok to throw money at a problem at should not exist in the first place. Compared to 99.9% of the games these days zwift graphics and complexity is like like comparing a bicycle with a F1 car. You should not need top shelve hardware to run it, you should not require to upgrade to SSD just to have a single app working properly, you should not have to use 32Gb ram to get a decent load time. FFS I can run Metro Exodus with half my spec yet I need to wait ages for Castle Wolvenstein to load? Even if 10 out of every 1000 user experience performance issues it points to an issue but zwift is not prepared to go beyond the usual ‘it’s your crap pc and internet’ connection


I’m with you. After 6 months of trying to get used to Zwift I’ve spent enough. Support is poor and slow. All they do is point me at the forums in the first instance (“thanks for your e-mail. While you wait check the forums!”) or run me through a set of inane steps (“Try updating the firmware of your trainer”, um, it’s a dumb trainer, how would I do that?)

As far as fitness “apps” go it’s almost as expensive as a cheap gym membership, the training plans are uninspiring, I can’t get it to load quickly so often am too late to join activities, and it constantly crashes.

Today after waiting for the update to install and the application to load (I’d be happy with 4 minutes, takes me much longer) I gave up. In a few minutes I had signed up to rouvy, downloaded, installed, connected my sensors loaded and started riding. 7 minutes into that ride Zwift finally finished updating and loaded and popped up the log in screen. Just not good enough for the money they charge!

I know this is an old thread but here’s a solution that’s worked for me on Win10:

Close Zwift… make sure it’s closed on your Taskbar as well. Then simply go to your “Documents” folder. You’ll notice a folder named “Zwift”… delete that folder. Zwift should load quickly after that. Zwift will automatically recreate that folder and I just delete it again next time. Sure it’s annoying but it’s easy.

Zwift was taking me 20-30 minutes to load recently (November and December 2020), after deleting that folder it loads almost instantly. I’m not sure what’s in that folder… nor do I really care, I just want to ride my bike and I haven’t really noticed any difference in my Zwifting experience.

Hope this helps someone who is as annoyed as I was.

I would not suggest this to resolve the loading issue.

Users would lose their Custom Workouts and Personal Bests.