Riding slow using Laptop

Just started using Zwift. First time I tried mirroring onto tv from my phone and it was very glitchy. Second time logged in on laptop/tablet combo and used music stand in front of bike. Started off very well but then speed dropped down to between 3-6 mph after about 5 minutes for the remained of a 45 minute ride.
All sensors working correctly, literally set up less than 10 feet from WIFI source but nothing registering.
Looking for some fixes but at the moment the whole set up has been frustrating.

Hi Peter

Looking at the ride you did (90 min riders choice) it look like you did 40 min at a average power of 316w that is a very fast pace. And an average speed of 40km/h.

Am I missing something?

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That was the first ride, recorded on smart phone and mirrored to TV.
Mirroring was glitchy.

Second ride recorded with laptop/tablet without much success…I did not save second ride.

Will try another ride again tomorrow with phone and see how it goes.

Hi Peter,

Can it be that when you rode the second time you picked a route with more hills. The in game speed will reduce going uphill if you maintain the same power as on the flat sections?

What trainer are you using for Zwift?

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No second ride was just flat 45 minute ride. Initially speeds registered in the low 20’s, then dropped with the occasional blip up to 11 or 12.

Can you do another test with the laptop, there should be no reason why your speed will be lower on the pc if you select the same trainer.

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