Time is running too fast in workout

The countdown´s in the workout are much too fast on my pc. It is a slow notebook with 4GB Ram


I had the same problem, a 65 minute workout was finished in just under 61 minutes on the elapsed time.  Also running on a relatively slow notebook.

In my case a 1 minute countdown took about 15-20 seconds.

I have the same problem since yesterday.

This morning I became this answer:

"Our dev team has looked into the issue and found that it’s a problem on computers that are running at less than <10 FPS. We’re working on a fix for this issue, so as long as you keep your game updated, you’ll see this issue resolved in an upcoming patch.



10 FPS? That’s nuts. No way my computer runs at less than 10 FPS. 


My workouts are running at 2x speeds and it’s awful

I have and old MacMini running at 6-7fps, and it’s definitely still a problem for me. I noted it about a week ago or so. I’m 6 minutes into a 28 minute sector and it reckons 17 to go…

My countdown is running ridiculously fast. It was fine when I ran Zwift before so something has changed! When is this patch due anyone?

Better be soon, it’s way easier to swift Zwift out for something else than buy a new laptop

My 2009 Macbook is suffering and it’s my problem apparently. Hmmf. Take my damn money elsewhere

1 minute was taking about 30 seconds for me today, it made all the interval efforts meaningless. Running an old laptop but don’t feel I should have to upgrade, especially given the massive (over 60%) price increase for zwift announced today!

I have been having the same issue on group workouts, this only started after the last update,. When can we expect a fix?

my 60minute workout took 30minutes. thankfully !! it was getting hard 

buggy software and announced price hike…winning combination

Same here. Mac computer and workouts are 1/2 the length they should be. Can’t do group workouts!! #fixitquck

I downloaded and reinstalled on my Mac and it now works just fine! Maybe a new release, or just a bug in the previous installation.

Actually I’m experiencing the opposite. A minute running time on Zwift takes 2:35. Quite annoying when running 30/15 seconds intervals. It’s a long time in zone 5. Running Zwift on a 5 year old Mac.