Interval times are going too fast

 Over the last week I have noticed the interval times aren’t matching the elapsed times.

So a 1hr 10 workout only lasts 1hr. A 10 minute interval last 8min 15. However the elapsed time is correct.

I have seen it get down to 3 minutes in an interval and the seconds count down twice as fast for about 10 seconds.and then seem to go back to around normal.

So there seems to be something wrong with the interval timer.

I am sure I am not the only one who has notice this.


Known issue:

I have had this happen to me too, on both custom workouts and preset workouts.  Any update on the fix? Happened this morning 27/11/17.

I also have noticed this happening.  I have also checked the supported hardware and my PC does meet the recommended requirements.

Hi guys. I got the timer to work accurately by changing the resolution settings in zwift from 1080 to 576p. The quality isn’t quite as good but at least the interval times are accurate. Let me know if this works for you.