Time Gap graph on LIVE page

Good afternoon!

When racing, I like to have the live race page from ZwiftPower on a second monitor so I can see where I am in relation to others. However, now the "Time gaps between each category (Beta) graph pops up in the middle and takes up most of the screen. This is no use except in a chase race and I’d really like to be able to turn it off but can’t any way to do this - is it possible?


I’ll bite, how do you get the Time Gaps Beta Graph in ZwiftPower?

This is a screenshot from a race yesterday on the Downtown Dolphin course - you can see the graph in the middle. I didn’t do anything to get it - it just appeared (and has done previously). As you can see, it shifts the rider list down so even full screen, I can no longer see the list of riders in my category.

Interestingly, I tried to get a new screen on a race this morning, but the graph didn’t show so it may be linked to specific courses or race types - no idea! I can see it would be useful for chase races possibly, but otherwise it is just in the way.

Ah, that appears in chase races typically.

I have seen recently a very interesting time gap feature on a video where the author called it : Zwift time gap visualizer built by G. Hoeberigs.

Someone know where to find that ?


Yes see this post:Request to release Zwift semi-public API

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