Ability to hide new (beta) category time gap on zwiftpower

Hi, last night during a race I had live tracking showing in zwiftpower and there was a new beta feature showing the time gaps from the front of each category (like the As are 1:28 ahead of the Bs etc.) This feature looks cool, but also is a large rectangle between the elevation profile and the live individual racer table, which meant that I could only see either the elevation profile + the new category time gaps or the time gaps + other racer data. But this race wasn’t even a mixed category race, so for this race having the time gaps was not useful at all. In general, I think it’s a cool feature, but there really needs to be a way to hide that rectangle when it’s not useful in a race.

ZwiftPower is no longer being actively developed so you should not expect feature changes

Then why did a new feature appear yesterday?

EDIT: Conjecture as to what happened: what I saw yesterday was a very old feature that is usually turned off, but can be turned on by the race organizer, who must have done so accidentally in this case. Perhaps?

It’s normally used for chase races.