Threshold run pace

how does zwift determine threshold running pace and how can it be changed?

We don’t use threshold running pace for our workouts, we use race paces for your 1mi, 5km, 10km, 13.1mi, and 26.2mi ‘races’.  Once you complete one distance, Zwift will estimate the others based on that performance.  From then on, any time you ‘best’ a distance it’ll update the table for you.

So when doing a workout, it might look something like this:

  • Warm up at 70% marathon race pace
  • 1mi @ 100% of 5km race pace
  • 0.5mi @ 90% half marathon race pace
  • 1mi @ 105% of 5km race pace



To edit your pace table directly, you can click on the ‘edit paces’ button in the run workout selection screen, or from the pause screen in-game you can select the little edit profile button up near the top by your name. 

As a general “rule of thumb”, threshold pace is very close to your 10k time.