Three things to make Zwift better

1. Eliminate the login on desktop app! 

This is very unnecessary… why do I need to enter my email and pw every time the app is opened; the program is on my local machine, so clearly not a security issue. You can have the login in the settings if another user needed to log in.

2. Simplify the ride UI

There is just WAY too much going on, and most of it is not achieving its purpose. For instance, there seems to be two course progress maps…top right and bottom left. I can’t make sense of either because both seem incomplete. Just present ONE course map and show me where I am on the map in relation to the start/finish. Take a look at the 1980’s Pole Position game for UI ideas.

3. Simplify the workout selector

is it just me or is it incredibly confusing to get a workout going? Zwift asks what type of ride you prefer (flat, hills, etc) then you select how much time you have…under an hour; 90 min, OR are you selecting a goal…e.g. FTP, century, time trial… that is very confusing. In the end, why can’t I just select one of the actual courses… watopia, richmond, etc.

Again - look at the 1980’s pole position game! You should first be able to pick a course. Then pick a workout type, or ‘just ride’.

Finally, in your workouts, why not show the running avg watts; and rather than stars for an interval, show me how I did… e.g. if its a 240W for 10 min, then show me after the 10min for that interval, did I do 230, 250…or what? 





Log on I just right click the box, my name is filled in and password. job done,

It would be nice if the logon was automated.

The interface for the who game is terrible not just when riding.  There should at least be a lobby\landing page with links to setup and starting the different types of ride.

As mentioned by the OP the maps are terrible, you should be able to see the whole course and where you are in relation to start\finish points for lap and jerseys.

  1. Yes the login needs to be done away with. If I want to login with another name I can logout and then back in. Yes; it’s only two clicks but it’s another delay in getting everything set up and it’s completely unnecessary.


  1. What map at the bottom left? I can’t see anything like that.


  1. Not sure what you mean here. The interface is pretty simple, you have to tell it what workout you want to do after all, it can’t read your mind! Most of the time I choose Just Ride anyway so not a problem.

Hey Mark

Regarding #2, maybe I can post a screen shot later today. When I am on zwift and riding, I get a course progress indicator at the upper right and I also get something on the lower left. I wish I could explain it better, but since both are partial, I have no clue what they are for. The one on the upper right usually shows gradient, the one on the lower left is like a line trace…I really have no clue what its purpose is!

#3 - Maybe you can answer this for me. How do I get to the Richmond course versus the Watopia course? Are there other courses? It seems like THAT is a mystery, and that, in my mind, ought to be the first selection. I agree you need to tell the game what workout you want, but from a User Experience and logic flow standpoint, it should flow like this:
1)pick your course -or- start a training plan
2)select how much time you have to ride
3)pick a workout type -or- just ride

There is a calendar for what course is for what day of the week and for any group rides:


The lower left thing - are you sure thats not your heartrate / ftp etc? Does it fill up to the right as you ride?


maybe…but man whatever it is, it ain’t labeled.