This Season on Zwift [September 2023]

This time you’d upset only like 5 people !

It would make all the AdZ fans, ex-jungle fans like me very happy and more importantly put more people back on the Jungle roads (more being subjective, the jungle was always a quieter area) and that’s before I think about the new road.

Think it’s long overdue to call the Dirt CRR nerf in the Jungle done and revert…
make the Jungle Dirt have the same CRR as Makuri (beach) Sand :wink:


I haven’t gone back to the jungle in over a year. Awful experience riding in there. I used to love riding it.


They cancelled that as far as I was informed. I sometimes ride the Innsbruck UCI course, hitting the long climb, the short climb and the sprint. Or choose the courses used in the Academy: Climber’s Gamit and something else (Legends and Lava?)

Would we like the jungle more if there was an auto-swap feature to gravel bike when you reach the dirt road? Zwift has the ability to do this.

I hope so. I’d love that!

Q: What will the new roads be like?

A: The 19 km of new, twisty roads are mostly paved and are surrounded by breathtaking views.

According to the QA for the new expansion. It says that these new roads will be MOSTLY paved. This gets me thinking: because it said MOSTLY makes me think that not all of it is paved. Maybe you’re thinking dirt like in the jungle… think again… Zwift added the new sand surface a year ago! Maybe we’ll get some more sand! Just a thought I had.


Might aswell right off those Strava segments then.

Im conflicted, opening cycling to more people = good.
Dumbing down cycling to give people unrealistic experiences or expectations = Bad.

If there was a need for easier climbs, not like the world isn’t full of thousands of climbs that could have been used to schedule an easy\medium\hard climb that mirrored the 50%-75% efforts


Zwift Strava segments have only really been useful for comparing your own efforts. The leaderboards are total garbage, full of impossible performances.

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True, but you could always split by club, friends etc So there was comparative efforts amongst known people - Now its gone completely out of the window.

True but I even take friends and club members with a pinch of salt as I know what they are capable of IRL and what trainers they have so even then numbers can be “fictitious” :slightly_smiling_face:

Based on the ToW map not showing any connections (outside of the one with Fuego flats) in the visible area and that they mentioned that there would be several connections (ie more than 2) I suspect an additional connection either with the lower parts of epic reverse or with the tar section right after the jungle (given that these areas are not visible). I really hope this is the case as that would mean we can use the new roads while also bypassing the jungle (and its gravel).

where did menton that there would be serveral connections?

I lamented that fact and Zwift gave me an interesting response, ie hinting that indeed a connector would appear, who knows ?

Think it was on the Zwift Insider article where Eric said/ or it could be [mis-]read as connectors, the implication being Zwift had said multiple.

Find out in early(?) October

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The new roads are flat and fast, and make several key connections, enabling Zwifters to enjoy some of the longest routes available in Watopia. There are eight new routes ranging up to 48 kilometers in length, allowing Zwifters to complete longer rides while enjoying the varied scenery in several distinct environments along Watopia’s coast.

Paragraph above from Zwifts press release