ThinkRider X7 smart trainer problems with slopes higher than 8%

Hello there,

Just to confirm with people which have this new trainer that it is not working properly when the slope in Zwift goes higher than 8%. Specifications are very clear that 20% is supported but it is not true.
Whoever can check it, just place simulation in Zwift to 100% and immediately will notice that it is the same ride a 8% than 17%.

Has anybody notice this?

I have doubts if it is because of the trainer, zwift configuration or just cheating.

Thanks all!

A mi también me pasa…me too

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Yes, my friend. I have been testing it for one month and I have this problem too. Rgt, Bkool and Zwift in 100% don’t go higher than 8%. It’s a very bad notice!!

I have it, and it is a good device. solid, stable, well built. the problem of the slope, I don’t know if it can be solved by updating. With all this, I am happy and in TR it works great.

They say about the one that is a copy of some Wahoo previous to the current ones … perhaps some user can tell us if something similar happened to them.

It also happens to me, the nones roller capable of generating more resistance from slopes greater than 8%, also does not have a cadenciometer

I have the same problem. The slope does not increase over 8%. Does anybody know a solution? Regards

Me too. Soy un reciente comprador de este rodillo y confirmo lo expuesto por el compañero, no pasa del 8%.

Me too!!! I have the some problem, smart trainer has the same resistance from 8% slope!!!
Maybe with firm update it can be corrected

I also have the same problem, the trainer not simulates more than 8%, tested in a different aps.
I hope it will be fixed by firmware…


Today, I have been spoken to ThinkRider:
“hello, Our engineers will solve this problem within a week and make your X7 trainer more realistic by updating the firmware to meet the 20% slope requirement.”

I have the same problem.
Its ok until the slope Up to 8-9%.
Then the resistance is the same at 8% as at 17%.



It is really weird, close to 522 trainers sold worldwide and few complaints about the problem with the slope…
Honestly so strange for me.

ThinkRider is also replying that they will not fix it in short time, so let’s see the final outcome to clarify what it is going to happen.


Hi, everybody. I am also the owner of thinkrider-x7, today I will check how slopes above 8% work and give feedback.
I apologize for my English, I use a translator :slight_smile:

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In spanish: El rodillo no cumple las especificaciones publicitadas. No alcanza en simuladores la pendiente que dice alcanzar. El sistema tiene un problema confirmado por la propia marca o al menos por el vendedor de la marca.

In english: the trainner does not reach the advertised especificatioms. In bike simulators does not reach the slope that the product comfirm . This issue is confirmed by the brand or speaking exactly by the brand’s seller.

is there any news?

вышла новая прошивка трейнера, надо пробывать.

a new trainer firmware has been released, you have to try.


firmware tested. It is still not working.

It simulates up to 12%, but it is a real 8%. Also new firmware gives peaks on zwift with no sense.

They thinkrider as simulator is very poor, as trainer it could work but lot of things to fix.

Do not let the chinese cheat you, it is not working.


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Que mal escuchar todo esto , compre uno hace 15 dias y lo mismo , no mas de 8% , y si la propia marca dicen que tienen problemas ? que hacer lo solucionara con upgrade de software o el hardware se ve muy robusto , o sera que el hardware no desarrolla esos 2500 w que dicen?

Sincerely, I would like that the company can fix this problem. Regards