ThinkRider X7 smart trainer problems with slopes higher than 8%

Can you guys confirm this is still a problem? I did the test ride on Zwift today (100% TD, same fixed gear in bike) the difference between 8% and 14% was massive (220W vs 320W at the same flywheel speed).

There is definitely some inconsistent info going with this trainer. Currently testing on Rouvy because I haven’t renewed my Zwift membership. btw it does not work with Rouvy AR (but Rouvy says it should work in Q1 of 2021). Using Rouvy Workouts as Other ANT+ FE-C trainer, the ThinkRider X7 option doesn’t seem to work.

I have just received my X7 Pro (with the new logo on the flywheel) a few days ago and ran the firmware update so I am using the latest version. I did a test ride and it seems like resistance is changing greater than 8%. Like @Michal_Wozniak mentioned, around 14% I could feel a difference between something that was around 10-11%.

Here is the inconsistent info:

  • Some sites advertise it at 20% (original number)
  • Now a number of sites advertise 8%
  • Saw one that advertise at 16%
  • Contacted Thinkrider sales rep and they said 9.8% and Gen 3 cannot be fix and Gen 4 is to be released in January 2021. But not sure how technical is this person.
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Hello Michal. What climb in Zwift did you ride? I’m not sure if Zwift have climb where you could do appropriate test for different slope procentages. I rode a few days ago Alpe du Zwift and slope is constantly changing. I did feel that trainer manage to do around 10%. What is your firmware version?

I did Radio Tower Climb on Epic KOM. But I can confirm from calculations and direct comparison to Elite Drivo that it was in fact around 8-10%, not 14-15%. Resistance kept changing though because X7 has some internal slope scaling applied.

Hi JChau … you have generation 4? … can you please post pictures? thanks!

Don’t think I have Gen 4 which just came out. I have a late Gen 3? My Gen 3 has the new Thinkrider logo on the flywheel, unlike most X7 I have seen online which original Thinkrider logo. See attached photo of the box

How much slope can be simulated definetly depends on your weight.
I have 78kg set in my profile and I can definetly feel the difference in resistance till 12% incline on 100% trainer difficulty.
Which is good enough for like 95% of climbs on zwift.

As checking with Chinese technician, he claimed that Thinkrider x7pro gen 3 have 2 kind of models which are 10% and 20 %. Unfortunately, my trainer that brought form taobao since mid of last year support only 10%.

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Do you know when they release the new one? Is it part of the logo change?


I wrote on official service mail but did not become any answers (it is now one week) about incline problems.

Recently I’ve noticed power drop in sprints. After a few seconds in sprint (cca 1000w) power drop instantly to very low value and there is no resistance. Have anyone similar experiance?


Hi Sebastjan,
I put mine around 950 watts a few times and never had problem with power drop. But I noticed (with my dual recording). My Thinkrider tendency to peak in power on first strokes when sprinting (around 33%). After the numbers get back together (around 1-2%).

Do not buy anything from Thinkrider. What a scam of a company. They were selling obviously faulty units that could not do more than 8% but were advertised as 20%. Instead of honoring their mistake they tell customers to “deal with it”. I spoke with technical service rep and there is no firmware fix, all V3 gen trainers are broken on arrival. Instead of helping me THEY BLOCKED ME

Since the beginning of March, there have been updates to the 3rd generation think rider software which seems to solve the problem of the slope. Has anyone tested?

I ride thinkrider x7 gen 4 since September 2021 and I use dual recording during the important races , and it’s pretty accurate.
But you have to calibrate it regularly,
I just bought a new wahoo kickr v5, and once I start using it , I will update you with any differences or similarities I find between the two trainers.
I’ll use dual recording as well to find which one is more accurate.

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How did your comparison of the Gen 4 go against the Kickr?

I am in the market for my first trainer and I have been offered a new gen 4 for £230!.. My concerns are build quality and support/repair in case anything goes wrong… as I am an over weight beginner… accuracy is not one of my concerns… I’m just looking to get started but I also don’t want to waste money.

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Hi Chris ,
I’ll try to answer your questions according to my experience using both brands Thinkrider X7 gen 4 and wahoo kickr V5,
Wahoo kickr V5 has more realistic gradients simulation, I can feel it more in more than 10% gradients climbs …
I use crank powermeter and in both trainers , the power is pretty accurate, at the exception of 5s power which shows a higher readings in the Thinkrider…
You can check my zwiftpower to see the dual recordings …
As a conclusion, both are similar
Thinkrider at 100% trainer difficulty is like 50% of wahoo kickr V5…
About support or in case something goes wrong , I have to be realistic and tell you to don’t expect anything or guarantees from Thinkrider…
But it’s worth its money , I’ve been using it since 2 years and it still doing magic .
I purchased the Wahoo kickr V5 just because I wanted to race at the highest levels in a transparent trustworthy way ,
Because Thinkrider or magene ( Chinese brands ) don’t have that good reputation when it comes to accuracy…
So , if you’re a debutant trying to explore or to train occasionally, go for Thinkrider
But if you’re more of a racer and training more seriously, Wahoo kickr is the best deal