Fix that bug on controlling smart trainers

For all smart trainers there are contributions on the missing control of zwift over smart trainers: You mostly go without a realistic resistance for slope (upwards or downwards). It is reported for most trainers, be it Wahoo, Elite, Tacx, what have you.
Given that Zwift is the most expensive app on the market and given that all other apps seem capable of reliably producing a resistance that resembles real live slopes, it is about time that Zwift adresses this issue.
I just cancelled my membership, since Zwift seems neither capable nor willing to really deal with the problem (read the various threads - it is always blamed on the trainers or on iOS or on Bluetooth). Should be your #1 priority, looking at the number of tickets reported and the contributions here. Happy to hear from you, when you get real.

Elite said in a email back to me when Zwift update the Qubo,s for more really work feel and a lot of use could no longer even turn the pedals and could hardly even move on Zwift that the programmers at Zwift have no idea what they are doing when they change in game setting for trainers. God knows how many Quad smart trainers went back under warranty . After a month of not being able to use my trainer I found I could change the softwear settings and by trial and error got my trainer working, I think if under 1% of rider are efffected by the lastest update they will just not fix it and a lot of Qubo user just left Zwift so the problem slowly goes away for them. So again I now will have to spend a few hours getting my trainer to work again.

Hey all, we’re aware of the many resistance issue cases and Quality Assurance has been trying to reproduce them all. There are a lot of factors that aren’t exactly similar between each case so there are many possible sources of issue. That being said we are working our hardest to fix this and we appreciate your passion! Stay tuned to our Known Issues post for any updates: FIXED: Trainer Resistance Issues (Mainly on iOS Devices) - #53 by Vincent_Williams1