Things that IMO could be nice additions to Zwift

  • Different bike and wheels has different qualities such as an aero bike + aero wheelset are better on flat roads and a light bike has more advantage on hill climbing
  • Ability to customize ingame screen with whatever info you find interesting, for example avg power, avg speed etc…
  • Be able to see all time PB instead of 30 days PB on segments
  • Some kind of ghost feature on ypur PB that you can select to longer segment! For example a symbol on the minimap or something as simple as that so it is easier to see if you are going slower or faster than your current PB on epic kom on watopia…
  • More roads to ride on, I know this is something that you guys are working on already but thought i would list it anyways
  • Some kind of weekly mission, for example ride 300km and if you complete it u gain 200xp or something similar!
  • Last but not least you could add a Bianchi Oltre XR4 to the game aswell;)

I think we already have the first request and that new routes are in process behind the scenes always.

My order for preference:

  1. I would love to be able to customize which UI elements display and where.

  2. Seeing a ghost track (maybe just on the mini map) would be nice to race myself. That would REALLY be nice on the Fondo events where I would like to do better each time around.

For regular riding around, that is less important, but for repeated events on the same course like Fondos - that would be excellent.

  1. Weekly missions are nice. We sometimes have challenges (like the calorie challenge recently), and maybe a weekly version would be a nice addition. I feel compelled to do them already!