More offroad routes/offroad specific features

Hi there,
Since starting on Zwift I thought it would be interesting to have more trails/dirt roads cut into existing worlds to add more dimension to each one (I’ve seen this suggested before). Not being a programmer, I know its easy to make suggestions without knowing what’s involved in implementation. To add a little spice to the dirt, Id like to see different surfaces. You could have water crossings, mud, and snow drifts. As far as game physics (I’m thinking from a smart trainer point of view) you can have the resistance ramp up according to the density of whichever material you’re riding through: water crossings would have a slight increase, snow would be a little more, and mud would have the most. As more mixed surface riding gets added to the game you can have offroad specific powerups, IE: on gravel bikes you can have a temporary tire size increase which could act like the aero boost helmet on the road, or for mtbikes you can have a suspension upgrade which reduces the resistance effect of the terrain you’re riding on, you could even have suspension for the gravel bikes (like Lauf forks) available to buy in the garage that does the same thing. Don’t get me wrong I’ve loved Zwift this past year, but as a MTB/CX rider it would be rad to see some more familiar riding on screen.