The Tron Bike blues - Hitting The wall

(Jason Racine) #29

I completed it in just over 3 months. Sore legs and lots of water!!! Oh and 2 big turbo fans!! Keep at it!!

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(Adam) #30

Yes, finally did it also yesterday. Took me about 3.5 months. Got it at lvl 19 with about 2888 km and 50km elevation.
Did a lot of EPIC KOM route with the tower, Alpe + different events with high elevation. For most of the time tried not to take flat routes, even during events.

(David L. ) #31

I LOVE climbing and feel riding on flat is very boring. Probably 90% of my rides in Zwift or in the real world are mainly for climbing. Yes, it is a
long journey but you will get there in no time. Keep riding and climbing!
Note: When you see the UFO, remember to climb more. :wink:

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