Total Noob

Hi everyone, total newbie to Zwift… old, unfit and overweight but keen and committed to getting in better shape whilst enjoying cycling.
Any simple tips/suggestions/help greatly accepted… be gentle with me!! :grin:

Hi @mark_campion, welcome to Zwift! Check out for lots of tips and tricks, getting started guides, route descriptions, lists of achievements, fastest bikes and wheels, etc.

Take notice of the lead in on selected routes, this causes a lot of frustration for noobs trying to get route badges.

Select the everst challenge and keep climbing way past the top to get the tron bike.

Have fun!


In addition to what Mike has already told you, I’d recommend checking out GPLama (Shane Miller) on YouTube. He’s got lots of good Zwift tips.


Welcome to the riding party! What are you using for a trainer? If you have a smart trainer, check out the difficulty level in the settings. I think it defaults to 50%. You may want to play around with this setting as you begin. 100% difficulty can be really challenging on the climbs. I think just go for some rides and get used to the program. Then try some workouts and group rides. The workouts will structure your rides and help you improve your fitness. There are lots of group activities, which many are tailored for beginners. If you like group rides they can be fun. There are also challenges you can join, that will motivate you to complete and earn some upgrades. So many opportunities to explore, depending on your goals and desire. Good luck!

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Thanks Mike I will certainly do that, I can use any help available… looking forward to it though

Hi Sophie, I’ve seen his name yes
I will definately give that a whirl
Thank you

Thanks very much Sean. I have a Kinetic Rock and Roll 2 Smart trainer so I will definitely take a look at your suggestions

Hi @mark_campion welcome to Zwift forums.

I too am old, unfit, overweight, etc. :sweat_smile:

Something that made a huge difference for me is making sense of what the wattage numbers feel like to me. That understanding came from doing a few of the structured workout plans, which has you sustain wattage targets for a given time.

Once I understood that I can hold 170 watts all day, that 210 watts would be hard to sustain for more than 15 minutes, and in turn, what the ratio of those watts to my weight in kg means to me, then everything else in Zwift started making more sense.

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Thanks for that shooj, that makes sense and I will have a look at that :+1:

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