Absolute noob

Hi all, guys and gals. Just set up my trainer and joined Zwift. Im wanting to start out riding solo until I get my bearings. Zwift is such a large platform its hard to know where to start. Thanks so much and glad Im here

Welcome aboard.

Everything you could ever need to know is available right here.


I started by completing all of the shortest routes first, doing a few social rides, and using the robo pacers. Before riding a route I would look up the route description on Zwift Insider since the information about routes provided in the game is not very useful. I also recommend signing up for the Everest Challenge immediately so all of your climbing elevation counts toward getting the “Tron” bike, which is one of the faster bikes you can unlock (but can’t buy).


Do the easiest / short routes first, and do the Everest challenge ASAP.

Once you can ride ADZ - ride it as much as you can to get the Everest challenge knocked over.

If you see ACG group on Alpe then join them, they will make it much more fun - no workout mode needed. :wink:

Sometimes a visual intro can be helpful. There’s some videos that might provide helpful overviews.

Getting started on first solo rides

Group ride etiquette and tips

How to level up

Badge hunting and leveling up

Selecting the “Tron” Challenge

Edit: Note, some of these videos are older so the user interface may look a little bit different now.


Glad you’re here! Welcome!

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