What to do first?

My bike, heart rate and cadence sensors are connected.
I made a FTP test yesterday.

Environment is super cool! great job!

What do you recommend to do next for a first month user?
FTP = 219
THR = 172



Make sure you set you Zwift Challenge to Climb Mt. Everest: https://zwift.com/news/5002-zwift-how-to-selecting-a-challenge

It was a vague question so I thought I would throw that out there.

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Join some group rides to get some practice holding the draft and working in the group. If you are looking to race this experience will be beneficial.

I agree with @Martyn_Kimberley_COP and @Paul_Allen - make sure you set your challenge to the Everest challenge (everybody wants the Zwift Concept aka Tron bike, right?) and join some group rides that are within your power to weight ratio. Not only will you learn the maps by cycling on some group rides, but you will tick off a few achievement badges too. You will also learn a lot about Zwift from other riders in the group.

I also recommend that you look at some of the maps and routes to get a feel for what is available,and then just ride.

If you are interested in getting fitter and possibly racing or entering long events, you should think about doing workouts of your own choosing, or entering a training plan like the Build Me Up plan. If you decide to choose to enter a training plan, start it on a Monday.

Hi Antoine,
welcome to Zwift,
I’d agree with paul to have a challenge going on in the background. I think I started with the tour of California first as it was the easiest to complete. That as well as upon completion you get a Specialised Tarmac. Its good for climbing, so would help with the Everest challenge.
“Ride On”

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Thank you guys!
Well, I took the Everest Challenge and made 20% of it already.
Also took a training plan Fondo for beginners.
I feel I’m building up my zwift skills here. Looking forward for a real event…

See you on the eroad!

Ride on!