The Ride Report - The Un-Feature

Of all the things that have been requested, where did the ride report come from? My guess is one of the software developers “Friday Projects”.  The information is great, but in the WRONG place!  Why put something like this in the “program” at the end of the ride?  Put it on the web so you can review it at your leisure, not when you’re trying to cool down.

Who is the chief architect at Zwift anyway?  What’s with putting so much in the program and leaving the web site neglected?  I’d move all the non-virtual world components out of the executable and put it the web site (or mobile app) where it’s more appropriate.  Things like achievements, profiles, settings, customization should all be in the web, not in the executable!

Having to “fake a ride” to get into the program to check your achievements or set your FTP is just silly… very poor design.

Hi Steve, 


Sorry to hear you’re disappointed! We have big changes coming to our web platform, but it’s not quite ready. As soon as it is, I think you’ll be happy! 

Don’t get me wrong, we love Zwift.  It’s just there are so many good ideas that people have asked for (many times), but it seems like there is always an internal development agenda that trumps anything your users want. Makes it looks like you’re going through the motions but don’t really care.

Additionally, it appears that too many support functions are being put into the executable when they should be removed and put into the web or mobile app.  If that continues, the executable will become bloated and have more difficulty doing it’s primary function.  Hope that’s the direction you’re taking.  It will be welcome.

Yeah I agree. I want to be able to sit down and review my ride data after the ride has finished and usually after I’ve showered. At the moment I have to review my ride stats using Strava. Anyway, sounds like this may be coming.

Plus of course I want to be able to review my friends rides as well.

Dear Zwift, I agree completely with the commenters above.  Steve Ricketts has accurately summarised the issue that frustrates many in the Zwift community and has given you some possible ways to address it .

And yet the official response says nothing other than you have “big changes” coming that you think will make Steve (and members with similar concerns) happy.

Really? That response was seven months ago. Surely the community deserves better. At least tell us when this issue is scheduled to be addressed.


Ray, thanks for reminding us that nothing has changed.  I actually forgot the Ride Report even exists!  I usually use the Zwift mobile app to stop my ride and it bypasses the Ride Report completely when you do that… you never even see it!  What a silly waste of resources.  Like you say, “that response was seven months ago”… wow.

Was the recently announced 50% price increase one of the “big changes coming to our web platform” that you promised above Tyler?

If so, I don’t imagine that it is likely to make Steve (or anyone else) happy.

p.s. We’re still waiting for the courtesy of an update on this matter.