new ride report

 i have not seen the new ride report come up post rides? should this automatically pop up once finishing a ride? i am using mac laptop

Are you on the most recent version of the software? (1.0.17198)


thanks for this Gerrie. i think i am on the latest software but not entirely sure. my mac laptop automatically goes into ‘downloading’ mode when there is new software. i have seen this happen several times recently. i use zwift 6-7 times per week. do you know how i can see if latest software and how to install latest if not? would i have to uninstall software first? thx

I am not that fimiliar with mac. but on my windows pc when Zwift start up it shows the startup screen witn the version number below. (see my picture)


the latest version should be (1.0.17198)


ok will have a look when can get back on the laptop. thx

Looks like you’re on the latest version from our records.   You should see the ride report if you click “END RIDE” from the Mac.   If you’re using Zwift Mobile Link to remotely end your ride you will not get the screen.

thanks for this Jon. will have a look on my mac tomorrow. maybe i’ve just not noticed it (saw it on from a twitter feed). J

It’s never come up on my rides. I’m on 1.0.17200

i have the same problem. Never got to see the race report. I was thinking this is available only on ipads. What can I do to see it ? 

I am not seeing a ride report even when I use “end ride” in the Menu.  When does it appear - as soon as I go to the Menu, or after I select End Ride, or after I select Save and Exit?