Ride Report not being displayed on PC

(Junaid Subhani) #1


Once I am done with a ride, I clink on Menu, this takes me to the PAUSED screen shown below :

Once I click on END RIDE, rather than showing me the Ride Report, it just simply asks me to upload my ride to Strava.

Cant figure out why I cant see my Ride report :/ 

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Junaid, in the case of these screenshots, it’s because you haven’t ridden.   We only show the ride report once you’ve done a ride and gone a small distance.

(Junaid Subhani) #3

Hello Jon. 

Thanks for your reply. These screenshots were just to show u the behavior I am experiencing. Even after doing an actual ride, i am getting the same behavior unfortunately. 

(Marco Huisman) #4

Same here, sometime I get the ride report, sometimes not… seems random

(Paul Allen) #5


If I remember correctly if you end the ride using the ZML you wont see the ride report. Don’t know if that is causing your issue or not.

(Marco Huisman) #6

Thanks for the reply. In my case that doesn’t seem to make any difference, it is a bit hit or miss without a clear pattern to it. Seems to have become better since the previous software update though. Keeping the fingers crossed…

(Robert Taylor (OVC)) #7

I have never gotten a ride report! I didn’t even know it existed!