The future of Zwift - What's next?

The future of Zwift - What’s next?

The NYC course is pretty awesome - the Zwift team went above and beyond our expectations, delivering their version of NYC 100 years into the future.

What else can we expect? From new worlds and super smart trainers to virtual reality and a velodrome, I have compiled a few thoughts as to what Zwift might introduce in the next few months/years:

What do you want to see?

Like all your new-world-ideas as long as it’s not in a city (and not to steep).

Strade Bianchi would be great, except when you’re all the way in the dust of the people in front of you :slight_smile: Was my favorite Tacx movie btw (Monte Paschi Eroica), but sold it because you have to ride it alone…

Being dutch I love the Amstel Gold and Liege Bastogne Liege since everything is flat here and imo flat is boring. Just skip the Eyserbosweg and La Redoute.

My favourite climbs are small hairpinned roads @5% through the forest with sunshine on my shoulders. It makes me happy you know.


I’ll keep this post open since it wasn’t made clear before, but when providing links to your own content (self promotion) there needs to be a healthy portion of it in your actual post. Otherwise it’s just self promotion.


Eh… why do you think it’s my content? Just linked to a site I visit every now and then when I need some info. And one of the first sites you’ll find when you google ‘Sibbergrubbe’. Thought the profile and pictures would make clear what I said before.

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Vincent was not referring to you


Thanks for the feedback Vincent. I was unaware of this rule. For the richness of the content I wish to share (pictures, charts, diagrams, videos, etc), direct posting is not always easy.

Ghe ghe, two links in two posts. Could’ve been my mistake btw, I never read the rules.

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No problem Chris! Just try to post as much as you can, then you can drop a link at the end.

age grades races and ride


IMO we have enough roads to ride now. Just take a look at this forum and all the technical issues people are having… in fairness at least 50% are probably user error, but the whole platform needs work. There are real issues (ie with the Wahoo trainer resistance) that need fixed. Enough work has been put into more roads and features that now we need a more user friendly platform for the newbs (and experienced alike).