Thanks Zwift – I'm Back Outside

Thank you Zwift for the recent update to your app that has caused Bluetooth connection issues with my Wahoo Kickr.

Thank you also for the frequent crashes, freezes and washed out graphics.

Rather than dealing with the ongoing frustrations, I’m headed back outside despite the negative wind chill. In the great outdoors I don’t have to worry about my ride working one day and not the next.

Zwift has great potential but quite honestly don’t seem much more than a beta with a monthly fee. Maybe the early adopters and Zwift loyalists don’t mind but I do. 

Just for fun I tried to sync all the sensors that stopped working since the Zwift app update with my Wahoo Elemnt– not a single problem. 

You still need to get outside Edwin… we all do.

Zwift is well worth it. Life is easier when the cup is half full.