Thank you

(Oleg Stakhanov PRS (D)) #1

1st - Thanks you, the app make my trainer ride fun!

2nd - is there a way to see the details of the ride on the website, on top of the basis? Also, can I delete a ride?


(Christopher Pallotta) #2

Hey, Oleg. Fun, eh?! It doesn’t seem like there’s a way to delete a ride yet on the user page. You can choose to discard a ride at the save menu, though or delete from Strava. Their site doesn’t show any more ride detail at this time, either. I’ve been riding with my Garmin on at the same time which provides me with more info during the ride such as my power zone which is important to me.

(Stephen Codrington INJURED) #3

I want to sport on to the Thank You, it was more fun to ride than I thought it would be.  I also want to share that I LOVE your support; with all the various equipment and evolving communication standards your support was key to me getting on successfully in my first night.  I chose my trainer (wahoo kickr snap) largely due to the fact that they had great support and I was rewarded as it was the combination of their support (which was actually hyperlinked directly from the zwift support thread on the topic of erratic power numbers) and all was quickly resolved.


Well done and thank you!