Tethering a TV to my iPad with HDMI

hi all,

i’ve heard people having issues connecting android to the MyRun treadmill, is this the case?

I have an i-pad which i connect to my Sony BRAVIA TV via HDMI cable adapter. The bluetooth connects fine from i-pad to treadmill but annoyingly every time I run the TV screen freezes after about 5 minutes but the i-pad still continues to work fine!

My solution was to do the screen mirror via android tablet in the hope that the issue would go away.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Your tablet might be capable of drawing the pixels on its own screen, but it’s probably not capable of pushing out pixels fast enough to two screens simultaneously for a graphics-rich video game.

Unplug the HDMI cable, and if the tablet by itself works fine, this supports that premise.


  1. Try lowering the game resolution to see if that helps. Go to Menu > Settings once you’re in-game
  2. Rather than another mobile device to run Zwift, a laptop / desktop with a more capable GPU would be a better choice when tethering to a big external TV.

Thanks Shuji, that’s very helpful. I have a laptop so will download Zwift onto it and try that.
Fingers crossed!
thanks again