Temple Trek Route Issue

I have tried to ride the Temple Trek Route in Watopia twice now (Dec 25 & Dec 26): once on an iPad, and once using the Apple TV. When the route gets to the Jungle Loop it takes me there and does not let me stay on the Temple Trek. I have ridden other routes and not had an issue. No, I did not select Jungle Loop when it showed. I let it doe its own thing like I have done on other routes. Any ideas what is wrong?

The route is restricted to Level 10+. Unfortunately, it seems to allow lower level riders select it, not sure if this a recent development, but it is certainly less than ideal.

What level are you, it is level locked until you are level 10 or higher.

I did not realize that it was a higher level than I currently am. I am level 9 presently

This is not your fault. They’re letting you select a route that you can’t actually ride. Personally I would call it a bug but perhaps it’s just a bad design choice that tends to confuse people. And those people are what I would call beginners, so that’s not a good experience.

I agree with you. One would think that you could ride the routes if they are presented in your app based on your current level. I am a beginner and it has been frustrating trying to complete that particular route.