Teclast T30 10.1" Tablet under 200 euros for Zwift


I ordered today a Teclast T30 Tablet which is will be used with Zwift / Kettler C12

MediaTek Helio P70 processor, ARM Mali-G72 graphics, 4GB LPDDR4X RAM
64GB eMMC 5.1 ROM , Android 9.

AnTuTu , scores 156,906 for MediaTek Helio P70 processor

I think that Zwift should run very well in this tablet since I currently run well Zwift
in Xiaomi mi a1 which has an AnTuTu score of about 80000 .

I paid it 199 euros . I ordered it in France and I should receive it before Monday.
I’ll write a review next week after some workout .



I’m using Teclast T30 from 2 days and Zwift works great.
Installation no issue and the workouts are simply fast with no delay .
I strongly recommend it if you need a 10.1" Tablet for Zwift .
I had it from cdiscount (france) under 200 euros included shipping (which was free for Italy).



How is it performing after a week? Any stuttering with shadows and large groups?

I confirm it works smoothly , rarely I have seen flowers and grass on the street but I think it’s related with
porting from Windows to Android. It’s an excellent tablet not only for Zwift .

Thank you for the review.
Could you just tell what is the max Zwift resolution on it? Is it 1080p?
No issues with other apps like Microsoft Office or media apps like Amazon Videos, Netflix?

not sure , sorry (where can I see this information ?) . I used sometime with Amazon prime , quality is good.

Well this one is tricky for Android.
When you just open the Zwift app, at the first window you’ll have your username as a choice and on top of a big logo of Zwift. So press 3 times one after another on this Zwift logo and you should receive a new popup window with your logs. Just choose the last one and choose where to send/share it. Lets say email/whatsapp etc… Then open same log with notepad in your PC/Mac or in the same tablet.

When the log file is opened search for the word “resolution”.

Here is an example of the resolution from my Window:
[2:26:39] > res 1920x1080
[2:26:39] Changed resolution to 1920 x 1080

And here from my Android cell. blackberry motion:
[0:40:30] > res 1280x720
[0:40:30] Changed resolution to 1280 x 720

If there is any other way on the Android, please correct me…

And another question: any idea where to buy a cover and screen protector for this model?..

I’ll check the resolution in my next workout . Regarding cover and screen protection I do not use them, I have my Teclast over the Kettler almost all time, however I would buy them on Aliexpress . You can find a lot of covers for Teclast T30 . There are also screen protections.

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ok this is the result

[13:17:23] Game Version: 1.0.44414
[13:17:23] Config: Shipping
[13:17:23] Device: Teclast T30_EEA
[13:17:23] Legacy Launcher Used
[13:17:23] Loading WAD file ‘assets/global.wad’ with file.

[13:17:24] Successful audio init!
[13:17:24] Loaded audio banks
[13:17:24] Initializing graphics window of size 0 x 0
[13:17:24] GFX_Initialize: GL_version = OpenGL ES 3.2 v1.r14p0-01rel0.01e5c7ea2a98fd18e15a3ddbd079d568
[13:17:24] GL_vendor = ARM
[13:17:24] GL_render = Mali-G72 MP3
[13:17:24] Checking Extensions
[13:17:24] Loading Shader Blur
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Vertex Shader asset data/shaders/Final/Blur.vsh_es
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Pixel Shader asset data/shaders/Final/Blur.psh_es
[13:17:24] Shader Loaded successfully. data/shaders/Final/Blur.psh_es
[13:17:24] Calculating Graphics Score
[13:17:24] GFX: Found a vendor/model match for MALI-G72
[13:17:24] Initializing Render Targets
[13:17:24] Initializing Texture Systems
[13:17:24] Loading Shader GFXDRAW_Font
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Vertex Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Font.vsh_es
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Pixel Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Font.psh_es
[13:17:24] Shader Loaded successfully. data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Font.psh_es
[13:17:24] Calling initialize_zwift_network()

[13:17:24] Suceeded initializing graphics
[13:17:24] Loading Shader GFXDRAW_NoTexture
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Vertex Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_NoTexture.vsh_es
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Pixel Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_NoTexture.psh_es
[13:17:24] Shader Loaded successfully. data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_NoTexture.psh_es
[13:17:24] Loading Shader GFXDRAW_Textured
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Vertex Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Textured.vsh_es
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Pixel Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Textured.psh_es
[13:17:24] Shader Loaded successfully. data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Textured.psh_es
[13:17:24] Loading Shader GFXDRAW_Textured_Simple
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Vertex Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Textured_Simple.vsh_es
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Pixel Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Textured_Simple.psh_es
[13:17:24] Shader Loaded successfully. data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Textured_Simple.psh_es
[13:17:24] Loading Shader GFXDRAW_Textured_GammaCorrect
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Vertex Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Textured_GammaCorrect.vsh_es
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Pixel Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Textured_GammaCorrect.psh_es
[13:17:24] Shader Loaded successfully. data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_Textured_GammaCorrect.psh_es
[13:17:24] Loading Shader GFXDRAW_sRGB_GLES
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Vertex Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_sRGB_GLES.vsh_es
[13:17:24] FILE : Loaded Pixel Shader asset data/shaders/Final/GFXDRAW_sRGB_GLES.psh_es

[13:17:24] Using basic graphics profile
[13:17:24] > set gSSAO=0
[13:17:24] > set gFXAA=1
[13:17:24] > set gSunRays=0
[13:17:24] > set gHeadlight=0
[13:17:24] > set gFoliagePercent=0.5
[13:17:24] > set gSimpleReflections=1
[13:17:24] > set gLODBias=1
[13:17:24] > res 1280x720
[13:17:24] Changed resolution to 1280 x 720
[13:17:24] OpenGL OpenGL ES 3.2 v1.r14p0-01rel0.01e5c7ea2a98fd18e15a3ddbd079d568 initialized
[13:17:24] Graphics Vendor: ARM
[13:17:24] Graphics Renderer: Mali-G72 MP3

Teclast T30 uses a 1920x1200 pixels , Zwift reduces the resolution to 1280x720 .

Anyone knows if these

[13:17:24] Using basic graphics profile
[13:17:24] > set gSSAO=0
[13:17:24] > set gFXAA=1
[13:17:24] > set gSunRays=0
[13:17:24] > set gHeadlight=0
[13:17:24] > set gFoliagePercent=0.5
[13:17:24] > set gSimpleReflections=1
[13:17:24] > set gLODBias=1
[13:17:24] > res 1280x720

can be customized by editing some file setting ?

Thank you so much for the research and recommendation @graziano_meneguzzo I have just ordered the Teclast T3 after reading this post.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 which does not run Zwift. I notice that the Samsung has ARM Mali-G71 graphics whereas the Teclast has the newer ARM Mali-G72. Hopefully this makes the difference.

Has the Teclast continued to perform well for you?

yes, I workout daily, no issue works perfectly.

does teclast t30 support ant+?

Not out of the box, I doubt it.
But you could connect a Garmin ANT+ USB with a type-c adapter, and install the needed ANT+ services from Play Store.
I have not tried it yet with Zwift, but it works with Rouvy on my tablet (Xiaomi tablet, not Teclast, but same should apply)

I do not know, I have Cardio and Bike connected with bluetooth

Bonjour Richard_Seddon, avez-vous achetez la tablette teclast t30 et fonctionne-t-elle avec Zwift. Merci

Level 13 now 1,208.4km , 2d 3h 58m , Elevation 13,985m

I started to use Teclast T30 with Level 1 (Jan 20) :wink:

Teclast T30 with Kettler C12.

I’m glad to hear that this device is working well for you! I hope you’re enjoying your time with Zwift.

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Thank you Graziano. The teclast t30 works well for me too :+1:

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Pouvez vous me confirmer que cette tablette est compatible avec ANT+?
Tab compatible with ANT+ ?
(My Bkool Trainer is communicating only with ANT+)

Other quick question… HDMI compatibility in order to share screen on TV or PC Display ?