Tablet TECLAST M40 For zwift

I am going to buy the TECLAST M40 tablet 10.1 Inch 4G LTE Tablet, Android 10.0 1920 × 1200 FHD IPS, Octa-Core Processor 2.0 GHz, SIM / External TF (256GB), for zwift.
Does anyone know if it is valid and the game is fine on the tablet.

I am using it. Its great for Zwift. Bluetooth works fine. I have problems only if I try to connect ANT+ adapter via OTG cable. It keeps losing connection. Via bluetooth it works fine. Stable framerate and everything. If I were to buy again I would consider Alldocube Iplay 40, which has 8gb of ram and much beter display. It has higher resolution as well.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve used today the Teclast M40 for with ANT+ USB adapter and everything went fine.