Tablet TECLAST M40 For zwift

I am going to buy the TECLAST M40 tablet 10.1 Inch 4G LTE Tablet, Android 10.0 1920 × 1200 FHD IPS, Octa-Core Processor 2.0 GHz, SIM / External TF (256GB), for zwift.
Does anyone know if it is valid and the game is fine on the tablet.

I am using it. Its great for Zwift. Bluetooth works fine. I have problems only if I try to connect ANT+ adapter via OTG cable. It keeps losing connection. Via bluetooth it works fine. Stable framerate and everything. If I were to buy again I would consider Alldocube Iplay 40, which has 8gb of ram and much beter display. It has higher resolution as well.