My experience with Kettler C12 and Zwift


I would report my experience with Kettler C12 and Zwift.
I prefer a stationary bike like Kettler C12 instead of my old roller with bike mounted above,
first of all because it’s really silent (while my old Elite roller was terribly noise) and
I can leave my bike in garage ready to be used for a real bike .

I’m using Zwift with Kettler C12 from a week and it works fantastic and yesterday I started my Zwift subscription . It works very well, however note that I’,m using latest firmware Kettler C12 31.27 .
If you have the same bike be sure to update the firmware to latest 31.27 .

I can connect/pair to Power and Cadence and Cardio (bike cardio even if I prefer the external Polar Bluetooth cardio) really instantly , during workout simply I need to change the power using the watt knob in Kettler (and so I can adjust my zwift speed adding more power).
Everything is transmitted correctly to the app, power, rpm, cardio …

There is only one thing that does not work in Zwift with Kettler c12 , but that works fine in Kinomap and Rouvy Android and other minor bike trainers. Kettler C12 cannot pair to the Zwift Controllable power which should apply more power when there is a climb i.e.
I hope to see this feature in Zwift the near future ( if this feature works in another apps I cannot understand why it should not work in Zwift too). However also without this feature the Zwift Kettler C12 workouts are a wonderful experience compared with Kinomap and Rouvy .


yes i hope also that zwift will update the compatibility to kettler C12.

thanks guys


I also hope that.

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any news on the update?

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Level 18 with Kettler c12 , but still no Controllable power , silence some Zwift support.

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I also hope that!! Level 13 with ketler racer S and c12

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I Also Hope to have control support on kettler racer s BLE 2018. I’m level 12 on Android device


since Zwift support ignored for now my countless requests to enable power control for Kettler C12 I found an odd solution , only to do a workout (e.g. ftp build) with automatic power control .

Rouvy (an app like Zwift) can control power in Kettler C12 . With Rouvy you can edit and create very detailed workout using your pc .

So in brief

  • I edit/create the workout in Rouvy , it requires a sub of $8/month .
  • I connect to Zwift , I select a route (e.g. Watopia) and I start the session
  • Now I open Rouvy , I connect to the bike and I start the workout
  • Now if you return to Zwift you can do the Rouvy workout with automatic power control (!)
    Zwift will continue to play getting the changing of power from Rouvy !! Funny , but it works !!

I use this way only to do workouts with automatic power control.

This demonstrate, again, that Kettler C12 can be fully controlled .

note : the way above works in Android , no idea if it works in Windows too.

Level 21 with Kettler C12 :star_struck:

After years Zwift still continues to ignore erg mode in Kettler C12 , I guess why .