Kettler Ergo R10

Hello, can I use my Kettler Ergo R10 with Zwift? Thanks!

Looking at it, I’d say no it wouldn’t. I don’t think it’s designed to output power data via ant+ or bluetooth. I does have Bluetooth but I doubt it is used for what zwift needs. Generally a trainer will promote the fact that they can be used with zwift etc.

Checking seems to confirm my thoughts.

That sounds very sad :frowning: Thanks anyway!

Other apps like Kinomap are compatible with this machine, is this another bluetooth protocoll?

Ok if it works on that then maybe it will work with zwift.

Download the free trial and try it out.

Hi @Jonas_Reggelin welcome to Zwift forums.

Is this your Kettler model?

I don’t see anywhere on the specs that this broadcasts speed or power in a way that Zwift can use.

If it doesn’t broadcast power or speed data in an open standard Bluetooth LE or ANT+ signal, it is not compatible with Zwift.

Thanks so much for your help.

For people looking for a recumbent to use with zwift, this one is compatible: