Ergometer for Zwift


I live in Sweden and I’m searching for an ergometer to use with Zwift.
I can spend up to 800 EUR to buy a new ergometer.

I have a DAUM 8008 TRS, and want something similar to use with Zwift.

Features I would like to have:
A resistance level range of a maximum of 20 to a minimum of 350 watts.
Possibility to increase watt level in maximum 5 watts steps.
Minimum of 32 resistance levels.
Possibility to use pulse chest wrap.
Some programs (pulse, fitness, RPM)
Would like a recovery/fitness test mode.

Do you have any tips on ergometers that work with Zwift?

Some I’ve looked at say it works with iConsole+. Do they work with Zwift then also?

I have looked at
Finnlo, Exum XTR BT
Finnlo, Varon XTR BT
FitNord, Cyclo 500E
inSPORTline, inCondi UB60i
inSPORTline, inCondi UB600i (a little above my budget)
Master, B30
Tunturi, Competence F40
Tunturi, Performance E60
Abilica, WinMag Cruise BT
Abilica, Voyage BT
Abalica, Premium UB BT (a little above my budget)
DKN, AM-3i
JTC Sport, UB500
I would like any tips, not only those listed.
Or if any of the above listed is a no-go?
Is any of the brands above more or less trustworthy?

Best Regards,

I am not familiar with these bikes. The general problem with them is that they don’t have a power meter so they don’t have any idea what your power is. Many of them may also need to be paired using the QZ app ( because there are quite a few bikes that advertise Zwift compatibility but actually they don’t interoperate very well. You can find a lot of people who use spin bikes on the QZ Facebook group: