Full Feature Support of Kettler Racer S 2018 BLE


I need full support of the new Kettler Racer S 2018 over BLE.

Please can you add this hardware at Zwift?

Best regards 


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Me too! :slight_smile:

@Zwift: maybe you should contact Uwe Böhm from Germany who created an app that makes it possible for a lot of Kettler riders to use Zwift.

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Me too

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Same here! Older model though. 

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i want it as well. Why is there no reaction from zwift? Do you know how many people have a racer s.


Kind regards,

Leon Cuypers


The Racer S 2018 BLE is now fully supported by ergoK as smart trainer in combination with zwift.

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I have not try ergoK how will it work? with my racer s

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I have tried Uwes solution. It works perfectly. The shifters of your Racer S model 2018 also. For only 25 euro’s you get the full version to use with your Android phone.

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